Evan Shang

About Myself


First of all, let me welcome you to my personal website.

My name is Evan, and I am an optimistic high school student. I tend to think positively about every situation even negative ones, because I believe that there will always be something I can smile about. I try to affect people and friends with my positivity and hopefully bring smiles to their faces, because that also brings joy to my life. Being down and sad are not desirable feelings.

Opportunities are some things I see and look for on a daily basis, because I believe that opportunities are not presented but sought after. Couple of years ago, I saw an opportunity to form my own Toastmasters Club and teach English in my hometown of Xi’an, China, so during the summer of 2013, I grabbed a few friends, got on a plane created the first Youth Toastmasters Club in Xi’an and as well as developed our own ESL program. (Pictures)

I was born in Xi’an, but immigrated to Canada with my family at the age of 4. My life has been all but stationary, I moved around regularly throughout my life, attending 8 different schools in the past 7 years. One of them included a local middle school in Xi’an, although I learned a new language (Chinese), the 13 hour days of school were not all that appealing. Currently I am in grade 12 studying at the University of Toronto Schools (UTS).

My personal interests and passions are highly diverse and I believe they will continue to expand due to different experiences I encounter. I am a fast learner but I am more of the ‘hands-on’ type of person and learn faster by actually doing.

I have been extremely involved in activities within school. I founded my own club for a hobby (video game) I share with many peers and it is become the biggest member-based club. We do not only play games, we also cultivate teamwork and share our interests, making friends. I am also fairly involved with the athletic department at my school. I am the captain of the tennis team, member of the badminton team, and swimming team. Music has been a huge part of my life and continues to do so. As a clarinet section leader for the school symphonic band, I perform at all of the school’s concerts.

There is only so much I can tell you about myself, I hope to show you about myself throughout the contents of this website.

Happy Browsing!