Evan Shang



Music is a huge part of my life, within school and outside of school. From a young age, I have been indulging myself in the art of piano. The first time I touched a piano was when I was 6 years old at a friend’s house, and the sounds it produced were magical. When I was only in grade 5, I was certified level 9 by the RCM. Throughout my high school years, I have always taken music as one of my courses. Besides being a pianist, I am also a clarinet section leader for my school Symphonic Band; it is quite fun to practice in a large ensemble and perform as a group. I am extremely involved with organizing all the musical events at my school, such as Holiday Concert, Graduation, Nocturne, and many more.

Here are some original compositions and recordings of me playing famous classical pieces at 12 years old.

Original Compositions:


Beautiful Night Sky Wallapers (12)


The Fifth Symphony by Beethoven

Ballade Pour Adeline by Richard Clayderman


Fur Elise by Beethoven